With an experience of more than 7 years in the production of packaging, we can always find new solutions, providing you exactly the products you want.


In time, we have won our partners’ trust by delivering packaging that is adapted to their production requirements.



We see our collaboration for the long term, and we wish to bring to fruition even the most daring projects.


We guarantee the preservation and transport of products in good conditions, because we always invest in new technology and good quality materials.

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We bring you the solution for a perfect protection. We are ready to work for you. What is the project you want us to take care of?

We work with a smile on our faces, because we know how important it is for our partners to be happy!

How packaging is made

Starting with the raw material and ending with the finished product that you receive, our team takes care of all steps.

  • You send us the product or the design of the product that needs packing
  • We mobilize the team and think up for you a design that we present to you as an electronic 3D design. Now we also recommend the type of raw materials required, in accordance to the weight of the packaged product and the type of pallet stacking.
  • Once you have accepted the model, we create a sample for testing
  • After the performance of all the necessary tests, we wait for your firm order, so that we can stock up on the raw materials required for your order
  • The manufacturing process for boxes starts with the die-cutting of separators (if necessary), and then the boxes are cut, creased and printed on an automated slotter (Autobox); at the end, we glue or staple the boxes
  • At the same time, we shape the separators, lids etc.; at the end, we shape the boxes and insert the separators inside or we stack on pallets the boxes that are delivered folded
  • We do not forget the permanent monitoring of box quality throughout the manufacturing process

The technologies we have

  • Die-cutting with punch roll
  • Slitting, creasing and printing using tools with numeric command, slotters, plotters
  • Stapling, hot glue gluing
  • Ultrasound welding
  • PP band pallet stacking
  • 2D and 3D design

Why BGMpack?

  • A young but experienced team, always at your disposal
  • We have the technology required in order to create any type of box
  • The implementation of a new project can take from one to ten days, in accordance to the size and complexity of the order
  • We commit to always deliver on time, directly to your offices
  • We give you the opportunity to preview an electronic 3D model of the requested packaging model
  • On the day of validation of said model we can create the samples that you can test
  • Upon request, we can delivered ready-made boxes, with grating on the inside, ready for packaging products inside
  • Our tools ensure perfect end products
  • We rethink the project and provide optimal solutions whenever required
  • We support you with advice, so that your order is delivered as soon and as beneficial to you as possible


  • To minimize the environmental impact of its services;
  • To improve the environmental standards throughout the distribution process;
  • To provide jobs, as well as a healthy, secure working environment for its employees;
  • By means of a state of the art organizational chart and by special attention to customers, PRESTCOM BOGMAT SRL will increase its market competitiveness.
  • As a guarantee of the statements above, as Administrator of PRESTCOM BOGMAT SRL, I commit to implement, maintain and improve the integrated management system of PRESTCOM BOGMAT SRL, according to SR EN ISO 9001:2008 and SR EN ISO 14001:2005.


All processes in our organization will unfold according to the following principles:

  • Client-oriented quality;
  • Employee involvement;
  • Continuous improvement of services, processes and prevention of pollution;
  • Permanent evolution and control of identified environmental aspects;
  • Observance of Romanian and European environmental law;
  • Continuous improvement of environmental aspects based on Management Programs

The company’s general aims are:

  • Zero complaints;
  • Increasing satisfaction among clients and employees;
  • Continuous improvement of products;
  • Continuous technological upgrading of processes with high-performance equipment;
  • Conformity with national law and with all the relevant environmental regulations applicable to the activities carried out within PRESTCOM BOGMAT SRL;
  • Minimization of loss and optimization of the consumption of raw materials and energy;
  • Decrease in the volume of waste produced by efficient use of raw materials and utilities during the manufacturing process;
  • Protection of environmental factors by measuring and monitoring the actual environmental performance and enforcing the required measures;
  • Meeting the objectives and targets provided in the Management Program for which material, financial and human resources are assigned.

As Administrator of PRESTCOM BOGMAT SRL, I take on the responsibility of ensuring the required resources and of providing full support to the Integrated Management System Process Owner for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Integrated Management System.

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