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Time passes, times change! End clients pay more and more attention to the way information is delivered to them, research an increasing amount of resources and weigh things more before taking a final decision.

Of help in an effortless but impactful presentation of products are cardboard or fiberboard displays. Having a wonderful quality/price ratio, doubled by ease of installation and an attractive design, these displays can turn into an extremely efficient sale instrument.

Here at BGMpack we can come up with creative ideas and make them come true, bringing your business to the next level! Our offer is adapted to your needs, our team of professionals working for you guaranteeing the best possible quality.

Corrugated fiberboard displays

All these products can be created using the following types of corrugated fibreboard:

  • Type III (CO3), made up of a corrugated layer stacked between two even layers
  • Type V (CO5), made up of two corrugated layers stacked between three even layers
  • Type VII (CO7), made up of three corrugated layers stacked between four even layers

There are five sizes of corrugated layers, which can be combined, as the case may be.

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