We value the relationships we built with our clients, and that is why we offer what they need when they need it, under the best possible conditions. BGMpack is proud to provide the best services to its clients, always observing the highest standards of quality and an excellent price-performance ratio. Do not hesitate to test us!

Our sales representative promises to always exceed our clients’ expectations, being directly involved in every step of package development, always coming up with innovative solutions and competitive prices.

3D packaging design

We are actively involved in the development of products, so as to provide our clients with the best and most efficient packaging solutions. With the help of our design department and our state-of-the-art design software, we create electronic 3D packaging models, providing the client with full images and technical specifications


There is only one small step between the design and the first sample: our state of the art technology makes it possible for us to create a perfect sample of the design within seconds.

Forming product separators

Forming product separators and delivering them directly into boxes – by leaving this to us, your production efficiency will be improved, since the packaging forming stage will be handled by specialists, your team having only to fit the products into boxes. Packaging has never been easier!

At the same time, the packaging area will always be tidy and clean, since there will not be any cardboard leftovers and packaging waste.


We develop solutions that represent you, by printing your brand and product image on the packaging. Our methods and technologies provide packaging that is printed according to your specifications and expectations.


Occasionally, it happens for our clients’ storage facilities to become too small for a large delivery of packaging materials. BGMpack can deliver your order exactly at the right time, saving the space you would normally have to fill up with packaging; you can therefore use that space in other ways, with a higher added value.

BGMpack keeps vast amounts of raw materials in stock and, due to our high technology equipment, we can fast forward from processing raw materials to stacking a client’s order on pallets; we can even deliver on the same day you place your order.

Advisory services

We provide advice to our clients for the improvement of their packaging performance, increasing the safety of their products and reducing the packaging and transportation costs.

Using various types of packages and types of fibreboard, plastic, elbows, sponge inserts, product separators and especially pressed boxes as well as our forming process, our design capabilities provide the highest level of packaging operability, efficiency and quality.

Gluing, stapling and ultrasound welding

Based on high-performance technologies, we provide hot glue, stapling, hot air or ultrasound welding prefab joining services.


Leave the transport of your order to your facilities to us.

We stack your order on pallets and deliver it anywhere, in the best conditions and shortest amount of time. Our own means of transport as well as our freight collaborators guarantee fast delivery to any indicated address.

If needed, we can unload your order manually, especially for ready-formed boxes.

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